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Mr. Plumber Invests in Tradespeople of the Future

If you’re familiar with my blogs, you realize by now that I’m quite passionate about women in the trades. This passion led me to begin an organization called Texas Women in Trades. Charles Sagray, Mr. Plumber himself, and I started the organization in mid-2014. The goal of Texas Women in Trades is to bring more [...]

How to Live With a Small Bathroom

Having lived a good many years in New York City, I can speak to the hardships of having a shoebox-sized living space. What’s worse? A tiny bathroom! My family, a generation before me, had two parents and six children sharing one bathroom! While this may seem outrageous to most, it is daily life for some. [...]

The Types of Pipes in Your Home

As homeowners, we often don’t think about our pipes until they’re broken. It is very important for homeowners to be aware of what pipes you have in your home so you’re aware of the pros and cons of each pipe type. Here’s a brief overview of popular plumbing pipes found in your residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems. Clay [...]

Four of the Worst Plumbing Habits

Homeowners often take hot water, flushing toilets and draining sinks for granted. These luxuries have become staples in our pampered, first-world lives, and people expect their plumbing to “just work.” Fortunately, a good installation can get you pretty far with your plumbing, however the homeowner does need to put in some TLC to save themselves [...]

How to Use Your Garbage Disposal

Come summer time, your kitchen is the epicenter of brief conversations as everyone rushes out to their activities. Regardless of whether you’re cooking for the entire family or for kids on the run, it means plenty of dishwashing. While you cook and during cleanup, what are you putting down the garbage disposal? Could your quick, [...]

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