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Plumbers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Work in Plumbing

As I present the trades to students, organizations and those unfamiliar with the industry, many are surprised that the plumbing industry also needs skilled office workers. The office staff in a trades company must be diversely skilled and able to handle long days and high-stress environments. For a select few, working in the office for […]

Best Places to Put Your Purse in a Public Restroom

Crowded restroom, dirty floors, questionable surfaces, nefarious stares and a heap of germs. Using a public restroom, while sometimes necessary, can turn into a fiasco – particularly in a ladies room. In fact, most male plumbers will confess that ladies public restrooms are typically “dirtier” than men’s public restrooms. According to researchers, a woman’s purse […]

How to Change Your Toilet Flapper

Does the occasional sound of a running toilet confuse and irritate you? Whether it’s constant or sporadic, an old toilet flapper could be to blame. Loose, leaking toilet flappers aren’t just annoying to listen to. They’re wasteful and can end up costing you a pretty penny in water bills. One leaking flapper can waste hundreds […]

History of Modern Plumbing: Where Did People “Go?”

As I study modern plumbing, I’m drawn to the history of humans and evolution of waste disposal. It wasn’t until the 1300s, in the hay day of the black plague, that people finally started to realize they should not cross contaminate drinking water with sewage. Yep, it took that long. And, even then, people were […]

The Beauty of Low-Flow Toilets

Springtime is the perfect time to get serious about living efficiently. Old, poorly maintained plumbing isn’t just hard on your wallet when the water bill comes in, it can be a huge waste of water. This is especially important during the hot summer months when rain is scarce. Water conservation is a serious issue all […]

How to Deal With Clogs

Have you ever taken a shower to soon discover that water levels are reaching your ankles, making with haste toward your calves? After a quick rinse, you make your escape, eyeing the area of murky water where your drain should be doing its job. The next step is to either whip out a drain snake […]

Unconventional Ways to Save Water

Water conservation is not just a concern for homeowners. People who live in multi-unit spaces also desire to keep their utility bills low. Here’s a few tips from Mr. Plumber Plumbing Co. to keeping water conscious at work, in dorms or apartments. Apartments: – Typically, the building owner is responsible for plumbing repairs and maintenance. […]

What To Do About Mold in Your Home

You know what it looks like. Black clusters next to your bathtub, a water fountain or under a cabinet. It’s ugly. You can chose to ignore it, but if it grows it won’t go away. You have MOLD! When you think mold, think “moisture.” It forms in areas of excessive moisture or humidity. Mold can […]

Help Us Pick the Perfect Picture!

We need your help! Mr. Plumber is working to come up with our next round of advertisements, and we want you to help us pick between our two favorites. So which one of these ads do you like more? The polar bear in the perennial cold shower? Or the fact that we’re married to our […]

How to Protect Pipes From Freezing

It’s supposed to drop down to 28 degrees tonight in San Antonio, so a lot of homeowners are (hopefully) in the mindset of protecting their pipes, pets and plants. Here’s a little backstory on the what happens when pipes freeze or burst. Pipes burst when water expands inside the pipe due to freezing temperatures. This […]

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